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Serving The Youth of Idaho

Youth Endowment for Activities Foundation

Building a solid foundation for high school activities in the 21st century.

School Name District State City Classificationsort descending
Genesee II Idaho Genesee 1A
Glenns Ferry IV Idaho Glenns Ferry 1A
Raft River IV Idaho Malta 1A
Potlatch II Idaho Potlatch 1A
Richfield IV Idaho Richfield 1A
Carey IV Idaho Carey 1A
Shoshone IV Idaho Shoshone 1A
Cascade III Idaho Cascade 1A
Challis VI Idaho Challis 1A
Kootenai I Idaho Kootenai 1A
Clark Fork I Idaho Clark Fork 1A
Clearwater Valley II Idaho Kooskia 1A
Hagerman IV Idaho Please Update 1A
Lakeside I Idaho Plummer 1A
Kamiah II Idaho Kamiah 1A
Dietrich IV Idaho Dietrich 1A
Lapwai II Idaho Lapwai 1A
Wallace I Idaho Wallace 1A
Mullan I Idaho Please Update 1A
Garden Valley III Idaho Garden Valley 1A
North Gem V Idaho Please Update 1A
Ririe VI Idaho Ririe 2A
Bear Lake V Idaho Montpelier 2A
St. Maries I Idaho St. Maries 2A
Grace V Idaho Please Update 2A
Valley IV Idaho Please Update 2A
Melba III Idaho Melba 2A
Firth VI Idaho Firth 2A
Parma III Idaho Please Update 2A
Wendell IV Idaho Wendell 2A


About Us

The Youth Endowment for Activities is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit foundation of the Idaho High School Activities Association. The foundation was incorporated in December 1986.

The Youth Endowment for Activities Foundation, Inc. (YEA) has a Board of Directors with no fewer than thirteen... MORE

Quick Contact

Mailing Address: Youth Endowment for Activities Foundation, Inc. 8011 Ustick Rd. Boise, ID 83704

Phone: (208) 559-1360

email address: yea@idhsaa.org