Volleyball Endowment Jamboree Criteria 

  • The jamboree may include four schools and may play any classification.

  • Each school may play each of the other school only one game - not complete match.

  • Host school must register jamboree with YEA to participate.

  • Jamboree will not count as one of the 16 allowable dates.

  • Will not count in the won-loss record.

  • Tournament officials and workers should be encouraged to donate their services.

  • All gate proceeds, excluding sales tax, are to be donated to YEA to help pay vestment for member schools participating in the jamboree.

  • Speed-up rules may be played.

  • Any expenses incurred (travel, custodian, etc.) will be absorbed by the participating schools.

  • The jamboree date may count as one of the required ten practices.

  • IHSAA cards will not be honored as the jamboree is ONLY allowed as a fund-raising event for YEA.

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